Pascal Tessier of Kensington, Maryland has become the first openly gay Boy Scout to achieve the highest rank of Eagle Scout.

According to the AP, Tessier received a sustained round of applause on Monday when the scoutmaster of Boy Scout Troop 52 officially declared Tessier an Eagle.

The achievement comes only a few weeks after the Boy Scouts of America lifted a ban on gay youth. In the run-up to last year's decision, Tessier spoke out in favor of lifting the ban, giving numerous interviews. However, Tessier, who is 17, will not be allowed to continue in the program when he turns 18. That's because openly gay adults are not allowed to participate in the Boy Scouts.

Tessier told NBC Washington last year that he wants to continue in the program.

“So simply I want to see adults being able to say, 'I'm openly gay,' and I want to lead other scouts and teach them how to become leaders,” Tessier said.