Mat Staver, founder of Liberty Counsel, claims his group is opposed to California's law which bans “ex-gay” therapy to minors because it allows gays to “entrap” children.

Last month, the full Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals let stand an earlier decision by a 3-judge panel of the same court upholding the law, which prohibits so-called conversion therapy that attempts to turn gay teens straight.

Christian conservative groups Liberty Counsel and the Pacific Justice Institute filed the lawsuit to block the law, enacted in 2012, from taking effect. They argue that the therapies are beneficial and that the law violates the free speech rights of counselors.

The groups have appealed the ruling to the Supreme Court.

In comments to the Christian conservative news site, Staver claimed that the law eliminates “an entire category of speech from any First Amendment protection.” paraphrased Staver as saying that “children are being indoctrinated in public schools that homosexuality is normal.”

“And then when someone is either abused or begins to struggle with these issues, when they're bombarded with it day after day, they won't be able to get any help from a licensed professional Christian counselor. So that's why it's very dangerous,” he said.

Staver added that the law allows gays to “entrap” and “groom” children into “the homosexual lifestyle.”

New Jersey has approved a similar law and at least six other states are considering following suit.

Supporters of the law have called such therapies “dangerous.”

“These dangerous, unscientific practices have caused too many young people to take their own lives or suffer lifelong harm after being told, falsely, that who they are and who they love is wrong, sick or the result of personal or moral failure,” Clarissa Filgioun, board president of LGBT rights advocate Equality California, said in applauding the law's passage in 2012.