Olympian Johnny Weir has compared men to batteries.

The 29-year-old Weir has a new gig working for NBC covering the Winter Olympics in Sochi.

In an interview with Philadelphia magazine, the figure skating champ insisted NBC was going to “let Johnny be Johnny.”

“They understood that I'm clever, I'm flamboyant [and] I have a crazy dress sense,” Weir said, adding that his wardrobe would be “more of Stanley Tucci's character from The Hunger Games.”

“I'm trying to stay between the lines of Johnny on Skating with the Stars and the rest of the NBC men's family in Brooks Brothers,” he explained.

And how are men like batteries?

“I come from the school of thought that from before your competition until the competition ends, you release no fluids. Men are kind of like a battery that gets drained after you have sex,” Weir said of hooking up in the Olympic Village.