Anti-gay activist Peter LaBarbera on Thursday denounced a Coca-Cola commercial which played during the Super Bowl for including a gay family.

The 1-minute ad, titled It's Beautiful, premiered during the second quarter of Super Bowl XLVIII.

According to GLAAD, this is the first Super Bowl commercial to feature a gay family.

America the Beautiful is played in the ad over images of diverse Americans, including two dads roller-skating with their daughter.

“Coke's Super Bowl ad is only the latest step in the escalating government-corporate campaign to normalize homosexuality in the culture,” LaBarbera, president of Americans for Truth About Homosexuality, told Christian outlet LifeSiteNews.

“Americans are being conditioned to accept sexual perversion as normal and good, and there is some big corporate money behind it. It's sad that families can't even watch the Super Bowl anymore without having their faith undermined.”

“Common sense, reason, and centuries of Judeo-Christian history tell us that it is best for children to have a mom and a dad. This is what responsible companies should celebrate. Yet instead Coke chose to pander to the 'Gay' Lobby by honoring homosexual parenting – in this case a household that intentionally denies children a mother.”

RightWingWatch points out that America the Beautiful was written by Katherine Lee Bates, a lesbian.