James White, a pastor of a United Church of Christ (UCC) in Oklahoma, has resigned from the church over his opposition to gay marriage.

Gay and lesbian couples are allowed to marry in the UCC.

Appearing on the David Pakman Show, White explained the reasons behind his opposition.

“The more personal study I did on my own, the more I realized that what I had been taught in seminary and what I had learned through the denomination wasn't accurate,” White said.

“I define marriage as a man and a woman. That comes from the Bible. What I have discovered over dealing with people in the denomination is that the more that they value experience over Scripture, the more liberal they are. … I don't think this is being in salvation.”

White suggested that he fears marriage equality would lead to plural marriages, saying that many gay people he's spoken with don't condemn such unions.

He added that two people of the same gender would think similarly – unlike his own marriage, in which his wife “stretched” him.

“During the last 13 plus years my wife has challenged me, stretched me … When I first got married, I was very selfish and very self centered, and I did not even realize how much so. During the time we've been married, I've learned how to care for others.”

Pakman was quick to point out the flaws in White's arguments.

“You're going down an incredibly misogynistic path, which is suggesting that only women can teach men how to care for others. You're also using very anecdotal evidence,” Pakman said. (The video is embedded on this page. Visit our video library for more videos.)