A proposal to make Scotland the 17th nation to legalize gay marriage is expected to receive overwhelming approval by lawmakers on Tuesday.

The bill secured an approval “in principle” in November, with 98 members of the parliament of Scotland voting in favor, with only 15 opposed and 5 abstentions.

“Should the bill pass this week, we would be looking forward to the first marriages as soon as possible,” a spokesman for the government said.

According to the Herald Scotland, Scotland's first same-sex marriages could be held as early as July.

The law is expected to take effect by the end of the year. However, legislation to move up that date is under consideration.

Gay and lesbian couples can legally marry in South Africa, Belgium, Denmark, France, Iceland, the Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, Sweden, Argentina, Uruguay, Brazil, Spain, Canada and New Zealand. A law in Britain and Wales takes effect later this year. In Mexico and the United States, protections for gay couples can vary widely depending on the state.