Tim Bostic and Tony London, one of the two couples challenging Virginia's gay marriage ban, say they are optimistic about the lawsuit.

A severe snow storm this week forced the Norfolk Federal Court to close, postponing the first hearing in the case to Tuesday.

The case attracted nationwide interest last week when Virginia Attorney General Mark Herring announced that he would not defend the marriage ban in court, a seismic shift for the state whose top elected leaders – swept out of office in November – had previously strongly supported the ban.

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Speaking to WAVY.com, the couple said that they spent thousands of dollars on attorneys fees to protect their relationship.

“We spent our whole lives together, everything we've accomplished, we've accomplished together, and to think, if something were to happen to me that I couldn't make sure he was taken care of, that's problematic,” Bostic said.

London said that the issue being debated “is not about politics. This is about care, love, family.”

Bostic added, “and the fundamental rights of American citizens.” (The video is embedded on this page. Visit our video library for more videos.)