Jack Phillips, the Colorado baker who refused to sell a cake to help celebrate a gay couple's out-of-state nuptials, says his freedom is under attack.

Last month, a judge told Phillips, owner of the Denver-based Masterpiece Cakeshop, that he must serve all customers regardless of sexual orientation or face fines. Phillips said that selling a wedding cake to a gay couple would violate his religious faith.

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“It is shocking that the government has attempted to take away my freedom, and really the freedom of all Coloradoans, simply for declining to design and create a wedding cake for a marriage that is not even recognized in the state of Colorado,” Phillips told the National Review Online. “I am being punished for living and working according to my faith and the marriage laws of the state of Colorado.”

Phillips added that the incident had “strengthened” his resolve.

“The coercion favored by the government and the ACLU in the name of 'tolerance' is a chilling and unprecedented attack on freedom,” he said. “If anything, this has actually strengthened my commitment to the First Amendment and the principles upon which this country was founded.”