Christian conservative Bryan Fischer has criticized a gay-inclusive mass wedding during Sunday's Grammy Awards show.

Queen Latifah presided over 33 marriages during a live performance of Macklemore & Ryan Lewis' gay marriage anthem Same Love.

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“The opening number with Beyonce was a complete raunch-fest. The way she was dressed, her moves, what she did, what was done to her – absolutely not suitable for family viewing,” Fischer told listeners of his AFA-sponsored radio show.

“And then, the heart of the Grammy thing last night was this big number where they performed … Queen Latifah deputized by L.A County apparently to perform wedding ceremonies.”

“I call it an abomination,” Fischer said of the weddings.

“If you care about children, this thing ought to appall you. Because gay marriage is bad for children. In fact, same-sex parenting – I'm going to be very direct here – same-sex parenting is a form of child abuse,” Fischer added. (The video is embedded on this page. Visit our video library for more videos.)

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