The National Organization for Marriage (NOM) on Tuesday criticized First Lady Michelle Obama for including NBA free-agent Jason Collins among her State of the Union guests.

Collins, 35, came out gay in April in a cover story for Sports Illustrated, making him the U.S.'s first openly gay professional athlete.

In a post titled A Quick Guessing Game, NOM suggested 7 athletes worthy of the honor, including NFL player Eli Manning and NFL free-agent Tim Tebow.

“No, instead of any of these, the President has chosen to bestow such honor and admiration on Jason Collins – and presumably solely for his coming out last year as the first openly gay player in the NBA,” NOM wrote.

“For what it's worth, in today's gay-affirming culture – where being gay or lesbian is celebrated constantly in the entertainment world and highlighted seemingly daily in the news – we don't think that 'coming out' is particularly heroic.”

“We assume that Jason Collins has done some fine things as a person to better society and help those in need. We'd be more interested in learning of those efforts than in having his sexuality shoved at us by the man that Newsweek dubbed 'the first gay President.'”

Writing at Equality Matters, Luke Brinker noted: “NOM's homophobic tirade against Collins' attendance is merely the latest sign that despite the organizations insistences, the marriage debate is far from its sole focus. NOM has made perfectly clear that it takes issue with gay people themselves, not merely their right to marry, having denounced homosexuality as 'evil' and 'a sin.'