The Indiana House on Monday agreed to alter the language in a proposed gay marriage ban, a move which could delay when voters get to decide the issue.

With a 52-43 vote, House members approved Republican Representative Randy Truitt's amendment, which carves out banning civil unions and other similar arrangements.

House Joint Resolution 3 easily cleared the House and Senate with bipartisan support in 2011. However, before an amendment can head to voters, it needs to pass the General Assembly in two consecutive two-year sessions.

“The support that we saw today from Indiana legislators – including Republicans – and the success in achieving this vote reflected the growing momentum for the freedom to marry the person you love, and a repudiation of the effort to strip gay Hoosiers and their families of all legal protection and respect,” Evan Wolfson, founder and president of Freedom to Marry, said in an emailed statement.

“HJR-3 is a flawed bill and it has dangerous consequences for thousands of Hoosier families,” Freedom Indiana, the coalition working to derail the measure, said in a statement. “The second sentence of HJR-3 would have far-reaching ramifications for gay and lesbian Hoosiers who just want to protect their families.”

A final vote in the House could come as early as Tuesday.

If the House and Senate agree to the measure as altered, the earliest the modified amendment could reach voters is 2016.