Prominent Nigerian televangelist T.B. Joshua on Sunday claimed to deliver a man from a demon which made him gay.

The exorcism was part of a service broadcast live on Joshua's own television network, Emmanuel TV.

“God loves sinners but hates sin,” Joshua, a popular figure in Africa, tells his The Synagogue, Church of All Nations (SCOAN) congregation. “We should hate the act but not the people – because sinners can be delivered and changed. Sinners can be reformed since our battle is not against the flesh and blood but against the spirit beings that cause these acts.”

Footage of the young man, Tedus, being delivered is played for the congregation.

“He belongs to me,” Tedus says. “He is mine and you know it.”

“Who are you to him?” a minister asks.

“I made him gay,” Tedus says.

“What have you pushed him to do against his will?”

“I made him love men. Instead of loving women, he loves men,” Tedus answered. “He went swimming and I entered him.”

The minister claims Tedus in Jesus' name; he drops to the floor. (The video is embedded on this page. Visit our video library for more videos.)

The ministry wrote in a Facebook post that Tedus “testified that his desires have changed and he no longer has passion for men but rather for women. He can now pray and read his Bible without distraction and diversion.”

“Now I am delivered, I no longer have affection for men but for ladies,” Tedus is quoted as saying. “If you come across someone with the same problem, you should not condemn. The only answer is deliverance.”

The service comes two weeks after Nigerian President Goodluck Jonathan signed a harsh anti-gay bill into law that criminalizes gay unions.

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