Jimmy LaSalvia appeared on MSNBC Thursday, where the former Republican said that a “small” group of anti-gay, anti-Muslim “forces” are holding the GOP back.

In 2009 LaSalvia helped launch gay GOP group GOProud. Last week, he said he was leaving the Republican party over its “tolerance of bigotry.”

“It was during the 2012 election when I realized just how big the problem was,” LaSalvia said during an appearance on The Cycle. “I saw how Mitt Romney was held hostage and paralyzed with fear of retribution from the forces of intolerance in the party.”

“I don't think that they're ever going to win a national election again. So if I've determined that they can't win the biggest prize, then what's the point,” he added.

After splintering off from Log Cabin Republicans, GOProud made headlines in 2010 with its co-sponsorship of CPAC, a three-day convention of conservatives held annually in February. Opposition to the group's participation led to its exclusion from CPAC 2012.