An Illinois B&B owner already under investigation for refusing to allow a civil union ceremony has vowed to refuse gay couples planning to marry.

“As long as I own TimberCreek, there will never be a gay marriage at this wedding venue,” Jim Walder told The News-Gazette.

Illinois currently recognizes gay couples with civil unions. However, a gay marriage bill signed into law by Governor Pat Quinn in November takes effect on June 1.

Walder is currently under investigation by the Human Rights Commission for refusing a gay couple planning a civil union in 2011.

“Overall our business is up substantially” since the complaint was filed, Walder said.

Walder states on his business' website that as Christians “we should absolutely love individuals ensnared in homosexuality, but we should not and cannot condone any part of it because the Bible condemns it” and claims that being gay is a “behavioral choice.”

“This lifestyle can be adopted and abandoned.”

“Consequently, we cannot host civil unions or gay marriages at TimberCreek Bed & Breakfast. It is not an issue of fairness or equality, but an issue of right and wrong. We cannot be part of what God condemns. Be assured that we are not lawless, hateful, judgmental, bigoted or activists by any definition,” the site states.