Actor George Takei has compared Utah Governor Gary Herbert to segregationist George Wallace.

Takei was in Utah Saturday for the Sundance Film Festival premiere of To Be Takei, Director Jennifer Kroots documentary which takes a look at Takei's journey from spending part of his childhood in a World War II internment camp to manning the helm of the Starship Enterprise.

Herbert has vowed to defend the state's ban on gay marriage and has refused to recognize the marriages of some 1,300 gay and lesbian couples.

“He reminds me of Governor George Wallace about 50 years [ago], who stood in the schoolhouse doorway trying to deny little black girls and little black boys equality in education,” Takei told “That's what Governor Herbert is trying to do, deny justice. These are people that legally, lawfully got married, and he's saying no, no, no.”

It was the second swipe Takei had taken against Herbert in as many days.

“Why is your Governor Gary Herbert so mean?” he rhetorically and repeatedly asked during an interview with The Salt Lake Tribune. “Your Governor Herbert is consciously bringing harm to 2,600 citizens of Utah. … Your governor is trying to put toothpaste back in the tube.”