Houston Mayor Annise Parker and longtime partner Kathy Hubbard tied the knot on Thursday in Palm Springs, California.

In attendance at the sunset wedding were Parker's mother and Hubbard's sister.

“I am privileged to now be the wife of the woman I have loved for more than 2 decades,” Parker tweeted to her more than 25,600 followers. “I couldn't be happier. We said our vows today. -A”

Thursday marked the 23rd anniversary of the beginning of the couple's relationship.

“This is a very happy day for us,” Parker said in a statement. “We have had to wait a very long time to formalize our commitment to each other. Kathy has been by my side for more than two decades, helping to raise a family, nurture my political career and all of the other ups and downs and life events that come with a committed relationship. She is the love of my life, and I can't wait to spend the rest of my life married to her.”

Parker, who started her third and final term as mayor in January, has previously stated that she would wait to marry in Texas. However, during a recent National Press Club address, Parker softened her stance.

“I am in a 23 year domestic partner relationship and I've been looking forward to the opportunity in the state of Texas to marry her,” Parker said. “May get tired of waiting, if it goes on too long. I want to be young enough to actually know who I'm marrying when I do it.”

Parker and Hubbard have two adopted daughters, Daniela and Marquitta, and one foster son, Jovon Tyler.