Boxing champ Evander Holyfield has apologized for anti-gay remarks he made during a recent episode of the reality show Celebrity Big Brother UK.

The 51-year-old Holyfield found himself in hot water after he compared being gay to a physical handicap that can – and should – be fixed and stated that being gay is a choice.

Speaking to reporters after he was evicted from the house on Friday, Holyfield apologized but added that he was only expressing his personal views on the subject.

“I haven't got the opportunity to make an apology yet, but I guess with me in that situation, I kind of felt I was talking to one person,” Holyfield said.

“I was telling one person my view. I do owe an apology for what I said because I really wasn't talking and really wasn't trying to talk about somebody, because I don't talk about nobody.”

“She asked me something and I thought I was sharing with her my view personally, and I forgot about everything,” he said, a reference to Apprentice UK star Luisa Zissman, who asked him about gay boxers.

“So I am going to make a public apology about that because I am sorry for anybody I offended in that situation.”

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