A Minnesota pastor who lost his church after expressing support for gay marriage has found a new home.

The Reverend Oliver White of St. Paul lost his Grace Community United Church of Christ in 2012, five years after he voted in favor of a resolution supporting equal marriage rights for gay and lesbian couples during a national synod of the United Church of Christ.

The predominantly African-American church's congregation plummeted to 70 from 320 within a month of his vote, forcing White to place his building as collateral for a high-interest loan. White lost the building to foreclosure in the summer of 2012.

“Many times, I did ask, 'Why me?'” White, 70, said of the hate mail he received. “I had nothing. No money. No congregation. Who am I? My colleagues are building new churches, have great choirs, get lots of amens. Wouldn't I love to preach at a church like that? And the only thing that gave me comfort was to think, 'If not me, then who?'”

After more than a year of ministerial homelessness, White's remaining 10-member congregation was folded into a separate church.

“The Rev. Lisa Bodenheim, a pastor of Clark Memorial, proposed that her church and Grace Community combine into one congregation, with she and Mr. White sharing pastoral duties,” the Times reported.