A new video on the video-sharing website YouTube, credited to Russian website gayrussia.ru, shows a small gay rights protest held in Moscow on Sunday. Authorities had for the 3rd consecutive year denied gay groups from holding parades or demonstrations.

The video shows a small group of protesters led by rights leader Nikolai Alexeyev (sometimes spelled Alekseev) holding pride flags and banners outside the famed Tchaikovsky music conservatory. The Associated Press is reporting that the protesters chanted, “No to homophobia,” and hung a banner reading “Rights For Gays and Lesbians” from a building in front of City Hall before police pulled it down.

Russian radio Ekho Moskvy reported up to 15 people were detained.

In 2006, when protesters held their last demonstration, violence erupted as anti-gay forces attacked the demonstrators. Riot police arrested several gay activist.

Moscow Mayor Yuri Luzhkov has repeatedly stated that he will not grant a parade license to gay groups and has called homosexuality “satanic.”