Maryland Attorney General Doug Gansler on Friday said that the marriages of some 1,300 gay and lesbian couples performed in Utah will be recognized in Maryland.

“I want to make clear that the same-sex marriages recently entered into in Utah are recognized as valid here in Maryland,” Gansler, a Democrat running for governor, said in a written response to a Human Rights Campaign (HRC) request for the 17 marriage equality states to recognize the Utah marriages.

The marriages were conducted during a 17 day window bookended by a federal judge's ruling striking down Utah's marriage ban and the Supreme Court putting the judge's order on hold pending the outcome of an appeal.

On Wednesday, Utah officials said they were putting the marriages “on hold.” Two days later, the Obama administration said that the federal government would recognize the marriages for purposes of federal benefits.

“Although Utah officials have stated that no new marriages may be solemnized, and that the state would not recognize the already-solemnized marriages for purposes of providing additional state benefits, we are not aware of any court ruling or position of the Utah Attorney General that such marriages are no longer legally valid. … Because they are valid in the state where solemnized, Maryland law recognizes these marriages as valid in Maryland as well.”

Gansler concluded: “It is an affront to the idea of basic human rights that the battle for full marriage equality in this country remains in headlines and courtrooms. Nevertheless, as courts and legislatures accord same-sex couples the dignity and humanity they deserve, we as a nation move closer to fulfilling the Constitution's promise of equal protection of the law. Maryland will continue to recognize valid out-of-state same-sex marriages as we continue to advance that effort wherever and whenever we can.”

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