C. Jay Cox's charming movie about a gay couple who are reunited as one is about to marry a woman is set to premiere on cable channel here! The romantic comedy will make its network debut on Friday, June 6th. Here's what we wrote about Kiss The Bride when it opened in limited release.

Gay audiences cheered when Tori Spelling's character of Katherine, a struggling off-off-off Broadway actress, gave her sweet, if clumsy, musical audition in Trick. Her piano accompaniment for that audition played by best friend Gabriel who turns a trick with a male stripper into real love.

Since then Spelling has become something of a gay icon. A status she clearly enjoys.

“I'm a huge fan of gays,” Spelling recently told Reuters news service. “They love me; I love them. They consider me kind of a gay icon, which they've labeled me as.”

In her role as bride in the new romantic comedy Kiss The Bride, Spelling hopes to expand on her status.

The movie tells the story of Alex (Spelling) and Ryan (James O'Shea) as they approach their wedding day. Complications arise when Matt (Phillip Karner) shows up, more interested in breaking up the couple than wishing them well. Matt must confront the fact that he might still be in love with Ryan. But Alex proves to be either cunning or completely adorable as she wins Matt over. It is My Best Friend's Wedding with a gay twist.

The movie's gay theme “was probably one of the top things that made me want to do the movie,” she said.

The movie is directed by C. Jay Cox, whose previous credits include the gay Mormon movie Latter Days.

Spelling is also a marriage equality advocate. At a gay couples request, she even became an ordained minister to officiate at their wedding.

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