Actor Haley Joel Osment says he felt good about playing gay in the 2012 film Sassy Pants.

Speaking with Larry King, Osment, 25, said that the character of Chip Hardy was well received.

“Yeah,” Osment answered when asked if he worried the role would offend the gay community. “I mean, I am very sensitive to the lack of roles that there are for, you know, gay characters out there and everything. So, I certainly thought about it. But I felt good about doing it because the character was not the butt of the joke. That he had his own reasons for being the way that he was and had his own sort of part of this story that made him a sympathetic and 3 dimensional character.”

“And the filmmaker was gay, as well. So her view with this movie was not to pick fun.”

“The response,” Osment added, “was overwhelmingly positive. And we did Outfest and all the gay film festivals and everything and I was very happy that they appreciated the role and liked the movie.” (The video is embedded on this page. Visit our video library for more videos.)