Good Morning America co-host Robin Roberts has said that she's never been healthier or happier since coming out lesbian.

Monday was Roberts' first day back on ABC since she thanked her girlfriend in a Facebook post for standing by her side during a tumultuous year, marking the first time Roberts had publicly acknowledged her sexual orientation.

In discussing the “highlight” of her vacation – her niece's wedding – Roberts shared a photo of the wedding party which included herself and her partner of 10 years, Amber Laign.

“There is Judith and her husband, Tony, and my sister Dorothy, and Sally Anne, the mother of the bride, and next to me is my girlfriend Amber and my sister-in-law Cynthia and my brother Butch. And it was a glorious, glorious time,” Roberts said.

“You all look so happy there,” George Stephanopoulos said. “And Robin, it was no surprise to any of us, but in your end-of-year post you did tell everyone about Amber and about your relationship. I hope that was a good experience for you.”

“I have never been happier or healthier than I am right now and my year-end post was just full of gratitude and telling everyone all that I'm grateful for, including my girlfriend Amber, who really loved me through a very difficult year. And I'm very happy for the support,” she added.