A day after a gay blogger strongly called on Illinois Rep. Aaron Schock to come out gay, the Republican lawmaker has blocked the Instagram account which had provided fresh fodder for the chronic rumors about his sexuality.

Joe My God reported on Sunday that Schock made his Instagram account private.

John Aravosis at AmericaBlog had plundered the account for a story titled The 7 Gayest Aaron Schock Instagram Posts of 2013.

In response, Itay Hod wrote a lengthy Facebook post in which he said that media outlets are obligated to expose the hypocrisy of closeted politicians. He spoke of a hypothetical GOP congressman from Illinois who has regularly voted against gay rights, then pointed readers to Aravosis' post.

In a tweet, Hod added: “i've decided we should help this guy come out of the closet. how about a good hashtag... #hasaaronschockcomeoutyet?”

Schock, 32, who served two terms in the Illinois House of Representatives before heading to Congress in 2009, attracted widespread attention for an interview in which he discussed Rep. Paul Ryan's physique as he strolled down Ybor City's gay neighborhood in Tampa during the 2012 Republican National Convention (RNC).

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