Developers behind the upcoming mobile game Ultimate Gay Fighter last week released a trailer highlighting the game's villains.

Ultimate Gay Fighter is expected to launch for iOS, Android and Windows Phone devices later this month. The game is being promoted as the “world's first ever gay video game … ever.” Instead of “fatalities,” the Mortal Kombat-inspired game allows players to perform “gaytalities.”

Contenders in the game include Sappho Ethridge, the lesbian, Shawdee Killah, the gay thug, Timmy Spears, the twink, Bardwell, the bear, Devon Devastation, the voguer, and Carrie Cupcake, the drag queen. Villains are also based on stereotypes, including a politician named Anne Paylin and a Christian fundamentalist named Preach. (The video is embedded on this page. Visit our video library for more videos.)

Creator Michael Patrick described Ultimate Gay Fighter as a “love letter to my gay family.”

“You can be queeny, you can be butch, or you can be in-between,” Patrick said in a statement. “You can be any or all of the bandanna colors and the colors in the rainbow flag. But no matter what color, we are fighters. We are warriors. The goal of this game is to enjoy the humor that my gay family brings me. Now go out there and kick some ass.”