A Salt Lake City man is on a hunger strike to stop gay marriage in Utah.

More than 1,000 gay and lesbian couples have married in the state after a federal judge declared invalid Amendment 3, the state's voter-approved constitutional amendment limiting marriage to heterosexual unions.

Trestin Meacham told ABC affiliate 4 Utah that he's “very disappointed” with the ruling.

“You can start a blog and you can complain on social networks until you're blue in the face and nothing will happen but actions speak louder than words and I'm taking action,” he said.

Meacham wants the state to ignore the judge's order.

“Jefferson made clear that the courts are not the supreme arbitrators of what is and what is not constitutional. The states also have power,” he said. “They don't have to go through the legal court battles and waste our money, they can end it tomorrow with the act of nullification.”

Meacham said he has lost 25 pounds.

In announcing his fast on Facebook on December 21, Meacham called same-sex marriage “evil.”

“After explaining the situation to my family, I have decided to pursue the following course of action. After my dinner tonight, I will begin a fast which will not end until all counties in Utah stop issuing marriage licenses and performing marriages for same sex couples. Due to the rogue judge refusing to issue a stay, this will likely take several days,” Meacham wrote.

“I cannot stand by and do nothing while this evil takes root in my home. Some things in life are worth sacrificing one's heath and even life if necessary. I am but a man, and do not have the money and power to make any noticeable influence in our corrupt system. Never the less, I can do something that people in power cannot ignore.”

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