Christian conservative Bob Vander Plaats has called on Utah Governor Gary Herbert to ignore a court ruling declaring the state's ban on gay marriage invalid.

Vander Plaats, president of the Iowa-based The Family Leader and a possible 2014 Iowa Republican Senate candidate, claimed during a radio interview that the judge's ruling was wrong because same-sex marriage “goes against the law of nature,” which makes it “against the constitution.”

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“First of all, Justice [Robert] Shelby, there's a lot of issues with his ruling. Number one is, you had the people of Utah already amend the constitution to what marriage is. And you're supposed to uphold the constitution, not redefine the constitution,” Vander Plaats incorrectly said, as Shelby is a federal judge.

“Two is, there is no research on it. There is no data on it. Why? Because it never existed before. So all there is is speculation. But what we know is, it goes against the law of nature and the law of nature's God, which means, again, it's against the constitution.”

“My suggestion to Governor Herbert: Don't overcomplicate this. Don't over-study this or analyze this. Lead on this. Issue an executive order from the governor's office that places a stay on this judge's decision until the people of Utah resolve this, either through the legislature – the people's representatives – or through another vote, if you need to go through another vote. But you don't allow an activist judge to have his way to inflict same-sex marriage on the entire state of Utah.”

Vander Plaats made a similar demand in 2009, asking then-Governor Chet Culver to stop an Iowa Supreme Court decision legalizing same-sex marriage with an executive order.

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