Comedian Kathy Griffin tickled Anderson Cooper's funny bone as the pair hosted their seventh consecutive New Year's Eve special on Tuesday.

Griffin's snarky commentary on Cooper's tweets left the CNN host in stitches.

“I hope you're proud of this,” Griffin said as she read one of his tweets on the air. “'@AndersonCooper I'm in South Africa and will be reporting on the celebrations of life of #NelsonMandela.' Then you said, 'Any South Africans have any recommendations for dinner?'”

“I mean, and you still have a job here? Let me tell you something. There's got to be a local affiliate, maybe Gainesville, wake up Gainesville, [that] can take him. This is not appropriate,” Griffin teased.

“And then, there was another one from two days ago.”

“By the way,” Cooper interrupted, “I got a lot of good recommendations.”

“Oh, please go on about how during the Mandela celebration you were looking for a good restaurant. … I hope you got a good tuna melt.”

“I love when you get really cranky on Twitter, like you're Piers Morgan. And there was one where some poor, probably innocent guy, said something like, Anderson Cooper is texting me.”

“Oh, yeah,” Cooper said, “somebody said, 'Anderson Cooper is texting me.' And then I thought, 'Okay, this is going to become some sort of thing that I'm texting some random person who I don't know.' So, I tweeted back saying, 'I have no idea who you are.' I believe that was my tweet.”

“Well, okay, you have five million followers. Of course somebody is going to randomly, whether it's truthful or not, say, 'Hey, I just got a text from Anderson Cooper.'”

“But I don't like the fact that somebody would lie ...”

“But why do you read every single tweet?” Griffin asked before proceeding with a full-on roast of Cooper that left him doubled over with laughter. “I know the hurt little boy who lives inside the model body. And let me tell you, he's five years old, mommy's missing, she's at Studio 54, his soup is cold, and all he wants is love. So, he's reading every single tweet. I scroll through mine, I'm like, next, next, next, go to, buy tickets. There's one tear. Like Demi Moore in Ghost, he's doing some pottery. And that little boy never grew up. He's got short pants. He's got suspenders. He's having high tea. Somebody just love him. Just love him for who he is. He's just a model. He's an underwear model that became a newsman by mistake. Get me Rick Sanchez.”

“You are funny,” Cooper said. “You make me laugh.”