More than 3,500 people have joined a Facebook page calling for a boycott of this year's annual Rose Parade over a planned gay wedding.

Danny Leclair, 45, and Aubrey Loots, 42, of Los Angeles plan to marry aboard a float sponsored by the AIDS Healthcare Foundation (AHF). The wedding will mark the parade's first same-sex marriage in its 125 year history. However, the parade's first live wedding took place in 1989.

While organizer Karen Grube of San Diego told conservative site that she would oppose the inclusion of any marriage in the annual parade, she described the upcoming wedding on Facebook as a “disgusting exhibition.”

“The Rose Parade shouldn't be used by gay activists to promote the gay agenda, and a rose parade float is no place to flagrantly display a gay wedding,” she wrote. “But I guess they think they can pervert this year's theme 'Dreams Come True,' to allow this disgusting exhibition. Tell them NO! Tell their sponsors NO. Tell them you will boycott the parade by not watching or attending, and that you will NEVER watch or be part of it again.”

Rose Parade officials, though, praised the AHF's float: “Like all of our sponsors and float designers, AHF continues to help make the Rose Parade a premier event through original and creative expressions that connect to parade themes – as this float does.”

According to the Pasadena Star News, Leclair and Loots will exchange vows atop a wedding cake-shaped float “decorated in white coconut chips and maroon-colored kidney beans with white roses and dendrobium orchids” and bearing the group's theme of “Love is the Best Protection.”