Eugene Woodworth, an Oregon man who recently married his partner of 60 years in Washington, has died.

Woodworth and Eric Marcoux married earlier this month, Oregon Public Broadcasting reported.

The men were hoping to exchange vows in their home state. But Woodworth, who has been fighting a diagnosis of congestive heart failure, was given just weeks to live.

A proposed ballot initiative would repeal Oregon's gay marriage ban and legalize such unions. If approved by voters next year, Oregon would become the first state to remove a constitutional amendment limiting marriage to heterosexual couples by popular vote.

Woodworth, 85, said he wanted to marry Marcoux, 83, in hopes that he will receive Social Security benefits as a surviving spouse.

The men met through a mutual friend at a restaurant in Chicago, they told The Oregonian last year.

“I was invited by my friend Nathan to come to a party that evening. And I said, 'No, no, no, I'm going to a movie with friends.' … I'm looking at Nathan and saying, 'I've decided to come to your party. And won't you introduce me to your friend?' I'd never been so forward in my whole life,” Marcoux said.

“There wasn't anything else. Really. There was nothing else for me to do other than spend my life with him,” Woodworth said. “From that very instant that we met. That was it.”