Brian Brown, president of the National Organization for Marriage (NOM), on Monday criticized a federal judge's ruling forcing Ohio to recognize the marriages of gay couples on death certificates.

“Though seemingly confined to how Ohio's death certificates treat so-called same-sex 'marriages' performed elsewhere, the ruling is utterly unlawful and violates the sovereignty of the people of Ohio,” Brown wrote in response. “We call on the state to appeal the ruling of this activist judge.”

In his 50-page ruling, U.S. District Judge Timothy Black cited the U.S. Supreme Court's ruling knocking down a key provision of the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA), which led to the federal government recognizing the legal marriages of gay and lesbian couples.

Black reasoned that if the federal government is not allowed to discriminate, then neither should the states.

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“In the DOMA case, the U.S. Supreme Court specifically ruled that it is the right of the states to define marriage,” Brown insisted. “This activist judge is grossly twisting the Court's ruling in the DOMA case in order to justify a ruling that is completely at odds with the law. In the process, he has issued an open invitation for gay marriage activists to bring a wider lawsuit to redefine marriage entirely. This cannot be allowed to stand.”

The ruling is the third in less than a week to side with marriage equality supporters and comes less than a month after Brown predicted victories for opponents.

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