A Colorado State University (CSU) coach has apologized for yelling an anti-gay slur at a player during Saturday's Gildan New Mexico Bowl.

Video broadcast by ESPN shows CSU defensive line coach Greg Lupfer yelling an anti-gay slur at Washington State University quarterback Connor Halliday after Halliday scored a touchdown.

“Fuck you, you fucking faggot,” it appears Lupfer hurled at Halliday.

“I am truly sorry for what I said,” Lupfer said in a @CSUFootball tweet. “It was wrong and those words do not represent who I am and what I believe in. I apologize for the embarrassment I caused for Colorado State University, this team and my family.”

Pat Davis, executive director of ProgressNow New Mexico, said the school needed to take action.

“If this was a comment about – a racially charged comment – none of us would take a second thought at saying we need to take serious action and address this,” Davis told Eyewitness News 4.

Matt Stephens, a sports columnists who covers CSU, wrote that Lupfer should be fired.

“Read my lips: Fire Greg Lupfer,” he wrote on Sunday.

“Don't slap him with a fine, suspend him, issue an apology and then call it a day. The firestorm raining down on CSU all because of some ignorant choice words form the Rams' defensive line coach isn't going to be extinguished overnight,” Stephens wrote.