A lesbian penguin couple has found happiness at the Ramat Gan Safari zoo in Tel Aviv, Israel.

Zookeepers only recently realized that Suki and Chupchikoni, two young Jackass penguins, are both female.

“We couldn't say for sure who's male or female,” Mor Porat, spokeswoman for the Safari Zoo, told the AFP. “We had Suki and Cupchikoni, believed to be the male, as a couple building a nest together and courting each other. We had to check their blood as part of an Avian malaria study which revealed that Cupchikoni was a she, a female.”

“Yes, it seems they are [a] proud lesbian couple. They can be seen courting each other in the yard. It seems they feel very happy together.”

Like many other penguin species, African penguins are incredibly social birds that live in colonies and generally mate for life.