Kaitlyn Hunt, the Florida teenager who had a sexual relationship with an underage female classmate, walked out of prison on Friday.

Hunt spent 4 months in jail after she pleaded no contest to two felony charges in connection with the relationship.

She walked out of the Indian River County jail on Friday morning as friends and family cheered on the 19-year-old Hunt.

Hunt was arrested in February following her 18th birthday over having a relationship with a female student 3 years younger than herself while both attended Sebastian River High School. After posting bail, she was ordered to have no contact with the alleged victim.

In mid-August, prosecutors accused her of sending thousands of text messages to the victim, including some naked, a violation of the court's no-contact order.

In previous remarks, Hunt claimed that she had been set up.

“Yeah, I do regret it, because, you know, I trusted her as not only my friend but my girlfriend, too,” Hunt said. “And I felt like, you know, I was just set up in multiple ways. And I got hurt by her. I care about her as a person, you know, 'cause it's someone I dated for a long time. But I don't love her the way I did before.”

Hunt will remain on house arrest for the next two years but won't have to register as a sex offender.