Actor Alan Cumming of the hit CBS drama The Good Wife says that despite his marriage to a man he still considers himself to be bisexual.

The 48-year-old Scottish-American actor and graphic artist Grant Shaffer met in 2005 and entered a British civil partnership two years later. Last year, the couple married in New York.

In an interview with gay glossy Instinct, Cumming said that he also appreciates women.

“I have a healthy sexual appetite and a healthy imagination,” Cumming said. “I still define myself as a bisexual even though I have chosen to be with Grant. I'm sexually attracted to the female form even though I am with a man and I just feel that bisexuals have a bad rap.”

“I have also been married before to a woman,” he added. “But it struck me when I got married to Grant, how great it is to be able to do this with all of our family. We first got married in London and then here in New York on our 5th wedding anniversary. I think we have a long way to go even though great strides have been made. Until all the laws are equal, we can’t blame people for being prejudiced if the law of the land does not fight that prejudice.”