Officials in Russia are investigating a toy store chain for carrying a game they say violates that nation's ban on promoting “gay propaganda” to minors.

According to RIA Novosti, the Katyusha toy store chain is under investigation after a man from the southern Russian city of Stavropol filed a complaint with local authorities.

A Stavropol parents committee told the state-run news agency that the game, Fanty, runs afoul of the law by instructing players “to act out the seduction of members of the same sex like in an erotic film.”

The local prosecutor's office said that the toy store will be informed of the results of the investigation after 30 days.

Approval of the law in June provoked worldwide condemnation and calls for boycotts of Russian made imports and international events taking place in Russia, including the upcoming Winter Olympics in Sochi.

On Thursday, Russian President Vladimir Putin defended the law as “democratic.”

Western groups in recent weeks have launched campaigns targeting Russia's law. Singer Melissa Etheridge this week launched Uprising of Love, which aims to support LGBT Russians. The Principle 6 campaign includes a line of bright red merchandise from Los Angeles-based retailer American Apparel that highlights the law's incompatibility with the Olympic spirit.

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