Two gay couples married Thursday in a New Jersey church.

The double wedding is believed to be the first gay marriage in New Jersey celebrated in a church.

Robert Spence, 70, and Mike Walsh, 69, together 39 years, and Stan Rodriguez, 68, and Jerry Devolder, 67, together 28 years, were married by the Rev. James deBoer of Trinity United Church in Warren Township, the New Jersey Hills reported.

Both couples are from Tennessee and members of the Cookeville United Church of Christ.

After a protracted legal fight spanning nearly a decade, New Jersey became the 14th state to legalize gay nuptials in October.

“We have been committed for a long time,” Rodriguez told the paper. “To be recognized by the courts and everything else is very important.”

“After a 39-year courtship, we get to do what we never thought we would ever get to do,” said Walsh, who added that they were warmly received.

“The hospitality of your community has been impeccable,” he said.