In an email released by pro-gay group PFLAG, Ohio Republican representative Jeff Wagner describes a pending state gay equality bill as “dangerous and misguided.” The sophomore representative goes as far as condemning homosexuality as an “immoral lifestyle.”

The Equal Housing and Employment Non-Discrimination Act was introduced March 11 by Dan Steward (Democrat, Columbus) and Jon M. Peterson (Republican, Delaware). The measure would prohibit discrimination by sexual orientation and gender identity in public and private employment, housing, and public accommodations.

In an email written to an Ohio constituent and posted on the PFLAG website, Wagner writes, “[T]his is a dangerous and misguided bill. The bill is not really about people being denied rights to basic needs, but it is about promoting acceptance of an immoral lifestyle. As much as some people would have us to believe otherwise, this country was founded on Christian principles. One of those long honored principles is the tradition of holy matrimony. One man and one woman joined together in a union that goes as far back Adam and Eve. As our society has gotten further from that standard (not just homosexuality, but easy divorce, cheating on a spouse, etc.) we see a continued collapse of the basic building block of society the family unit. As that traditional family erodes, we see more sexually transmitted diseases, kids without parents, heartbroken people and I believe a host of mental and physical assured I can not support a bill in any way promotes or encourages the homosexual lifestyle.”

PFLAG Director of Communications Steve Ralls said of Wagner's remarks, “One wonders if Mr. Wagner has considered whether it might not be more damaging to 'family values' to have a family member fired from their job, or denied a home for them and their loved ones simply because of who they are, or who they love.”

Cleveland's Gay People's Chronicle has reported that Ohio Governor Ted Strickland told a gathering of gay activists in Cleveland that he believes the bill will pass, “...I look forward to celebrating with you when I sign it into law.”