A number of people on social media mistook a news parody of New York City's controversial “Stop and Frisk” program as real.

The Onion satirized New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg's policing policy in a video report released on Tuesday.

Over images of NYC police officers padding down male suspects and giving them a gentle kiss, Newsroom anchor Rachel Cole reported: “A policing procedure in New York continues to draw controversy this week as thousands took to the streets to protest the NYPD's Stop and Kiss program. The policy, which allows officers to kiss anyone who they think looks suspicious, has been the subject of criticism from those who say it's a violation of privacy and a potential breach of constitutional rights.”

A man interviewed for the story said: “Every time I go out and see a cop I'm ready for them to come up, ask me questions and give me a little kiss. Just because [of], you know, the color of my skin. I mean, you don't see them kissing any pretty white ladies out here.” (The video is embedded on this page. Visit our video library for more videos.)

Not everyone caught on to the joke.

“This story cannot be true,” tweeted one user, “why would they do this?”

A retired officer wrote on The Onion's page: “What the hell is going on Police Officers kissing people… what has become of the department... I am glad I retired !!!!!”