House Speaker John Boehner on Thursday announced his support for gay GOP candidates.

When asked by a reporter whether he backs efforts by the Republican Party to support gay House candidates, Boehner replied, “I do.”

Two promising gay candidates are Carl DeMaio, a former San Diego city councilman, and Richard Tisei, who in 2012 narrowly lost a House bid in Massachusetts, a Democratic stronghold.

Boehner publicly campaigned for Tisei last year.

POLITICO this week reported on efforts by Virginia Rep. Randy Forbes to discourage GOP leaders from donating to the campaigns of gay GOP candidates.

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“It's ironic that Speaker Boehner used the phase 'I do' in response to the reporter's question, while continuing to oppose marriage equality,” New York Rep. Jerry Nadler, a Democrat, told BuzzFeed. “He also opposes ending workplace discrimination against LGBT Americans. So, wheat does it really mean that he supports openly gay candidates if he doesn't support their equal treatment under the law? Looks like GOP politics as usual to me.”

A spokesman for House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi echoed that sentiment: “LGBT Americans are more interested in passing ENDA and expanding freedom and equality in our country than Speaker Boehner's insincere efforts to marry himself to extreme gay Republican candidates.”