In an appearance this week on UK's Chatty Man, singer Lady Gaga applauded British Olympic diver Tom Daley's decision to come out and stated her belief that the United States should boycott the Winter Olympics taking place next year in Sochi over Russia's notorious anti-gay law which prohibits the promotion of “gay propaganda” to minors.

“I don't think we should be going to the Olympics at all,” she told her host, Alan Carr, while wearing a white dress fused with an iPad. “I just think it is absolutely wrong for so many countries to send money and economy in the way of a country that doesn't support gays.”

“Are you boycotting Russia?” Carr asked.

“I don't think I'm even allowed in anymore, because I screamed 'I'm gay, arrest me' on stage last time I was there,” the bisexual singer replied.

Carr also wanted to know why Lady Gaga did not tweet him after he announced he's gay last year.

“You were a little late,” she joked. (The video is embedded on this page. Visit our video library for more videos.)