Pastor Rick Warren says he's opposed to the redefinition of the term “marriage” to include same-sex couples, not gay people.

The 59-year-old Warren is the founder and senior pastor of the Lake Forest, California-based megachurch Saddleback Church – the eighth-largest church in the United States – and the author of the best-selling book The Purpose Driven Life.

During an appearance on CNN's Piers Morgan Tonight, host Piers Morgan asked: “How can you espouse genuine equality if you don't allow gay people the same rights to get married as straight people?”

“I'd like to reposition it this way,” Warren responded. “I'm more against the redefinition of the term marriage than anything else. I don't think other groups get the opportunity to redefine a term. For instance, if a Muslim says this is a term we use and all of the sudden I take that term and mean it for me. Well, that's not right. … Don't take a term and and make it something different. Orwell talked about doublespeak, where words mean the exact opposite of what they used to mean.”

On whether Christian churches will someday bless gay unions, Warren answered: “I cannot see that happening in my life. I fear the disapproval of God more than I fear your disapproval or the disapproval of society.” (The video is embedded on this page. Visit our video library for more videos.)