Brian Brown, president of the National Organization for Marriage (NOM), on Friday claimed that gay marriage foes have lost only one popular vote.

In a blog post titled Where We're At, Brown wrote that “the vast majority of American and the American people overwhelmingly back marriage.”

“We've suffered some setback this year, no question,” he said. “But in every case, activist judges or Democrat controlled legislatures and governorships (in Rhode Island, Delaware, Illinois and Hawaii) bypassed the people and imposed same-sex 'marriage' in their states.”

“The only time we've lost a state by popular vote was last year when the playing field was extremely skewed by both an extremely liberal political environment and an outrageous, three to one spending advantage by those who sought to redefine marriage – approximately $32 million to $10 million (of which NOM contributed over $5.5 million …),” Brown added, a reference to Maine's referendum.

However, opponents last year also attempted to repeal marriage laws in two states. Voters in Washington and Maryland upheld marriage laws approved by lawmakers. And Minnesota voters last year rejected an effort to constitutionally prohibit the state from legalizing same-sex marriage. NOM spearheaded opposition efforts in all four states.

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