Tony Perkins, president of the Christian conservative Family Research Council (FRC), attempted Thursday to console gay marriage foes battered by losses over the last year.

Perkins attempted to suggest that the worst was over for opponents and that a victory in Indiana would help turn the tide.

“Plenty of states have been processing down the same-sex marriage aisle. But according to pundits, that's all about to change,” Perkins said on his radio program. “Homosexual activists like to say that momentum is on their side. And until recently, they might have been right. Sixteen U.S. states now recognize a right to same-sex marriage. And unfortunately, the Left's success in places like Hawaii and Illinois have helped feed the lie in America that homosexual marriage is inevitable. But don't believe it, say experts. All we've witnessed lately is the Left taking advantage of easy targets. With the exception of West Virginia, none of the other 34 states are under Democratic control. That means the Left's toughest battles are yet to come. And in places like Indiana, the tide may already be turning. State liberals are rushing to play defense while a marriage protection amendment works its way to the statewide ballot. So be encouraged. Not all same-sex wedding bills are leading to wedding bells.”

While Republicans control all three branches of government in Indiana, they have signaled hesitancy to press ahead with a final vote needed to put a referendum banning gay marriage on next year's ballot. Polling shows that only 38 percent of Hoosiers favor amending the Indiana Constitution to prohibit gay couples from marrying.

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Additionally, a win for foes in Indiana would not reduce the number of states where same-sex marriage is legal. However, events in New Mexico and Oregon are expected to move those two states into the marriage equality column within the next 11 months.