A 13-year-old teen used his Bar Mitzvah speech to advocate for a proposed referendum which seeks to legalize gay marriage in Oregon.

Duncan McAlpine Sennett made his argument in a five-minute talk at the Congregation Beth Israel in Portland, Oregon.

“The definition of traditional marriage has changed a lot since the days of the Torah, so why can't it change just a little bit more so everybody can marry who they love?” Sennett rhetorically asked his guests.

A video of Sennett's speech went viral after openly gay actor Alan Cumming (The Good Wife) – who married last year in New York – shared it with his followers on Twitter. (The video is embedded on this page. Visit our video library for more videos.)

“Duncan McAlpine Sennett!” Cumming messaged. “You are an inspiration to us all. And surely mostly Scottish with that name? Bravo.”