A year after Minnesotans voted against a proposed gay marriage ban and four months after such unions became legal, the group which spearheaded the campaign to ban same-sex marriage is attempting to make marriage equality an election issue.

In an email to supporters, Minnesota for Marriage chided Rep. Tim Faust, a Democrat, for saying that “most people have moved on.”

“I think we are seeing that other states are doing this, and I think that by the time next election comes around it will not be near the issue people said it was going to be and what we thought it was going to be,” Faust told Politics in Minnesota. “As a rule, there have been more positive comments than negative. Most people have moved on.”

“Do you agree: Have you 'moved on?'” Minnesota for Marriage asked in its email.

“Apparently, Rep. Faust thinks that simply because other states have passed same-sex 'marriage' since he voted to pass Minnesota's same-sex 'marriage' law in May (even though you, along with the vast majority of his constituents wanted to keep Minnesota as a true marriage state), you will forget about his vote by the time his re-election comes around.”

Faust, a Lutheran minister, was lobbied heavily from both sides after he declared himself undecided on the issue. In an emotional speech on the House floor, Faust explained that his recent marriage helped him decide how he would vote.

“In this state there are people that feel that way about each other, that cannot live without that other person, that feel the same way they do about each other that I feel about my wife and yet because of religious beliefs of other people, they do not have the right that I have taken for granted since the day I realized what the opposite sex was,” Faust said.