Peter LaBarbera, president of Americans for Truth About Homosexuality, has blamed the gays for ruining Thanksgiving.

In a blog post, LaBarbera chided gays who are grateful for increasing LGBT rights.

“As secularism and – dare I say – godlessness deepen in these United States, many are leaving God out of Thanksgiving Day,” LaBarbera wrote. “Language always follows the heart: have you noticed the habit that has crept in of being thankful for this and that – without being thankful to God?”

“Now homosexuality advocates (and others) have taken this regrettable phenomenon a step further: using Thanksgiving as an opportunity to be 'thankful for' developments that are decidedly ungodly – e.g., the advance of out-and-proud homosexualism, including 'same-sex marriage,' in the United States.”

“I came upon this homosexual website article timed for Thanksgiving about homosexuals being thankful for various 'gay rights' achievements, including more lesbians on TV. We know as Christians and Bible-respecting Jews that Our Heavenly Father is not smiling on that.”

LaBarbera, who is based in Chicago, loudly protested passage of a gay marriage law in Illinois.

“Last week, while AFTAH protested outside at the University of Illinois-Chicago, Illinois Gov. Pat Quinn (D) – in addition to sullying Abe Lincoln’s good name – quoted the Bible (the 'love' passage in 1 Corinthians 13) to celebrate his signing of a homosexual 'marriage' bill into law. Folks, this [is] political profanity. To paraphrase another Democrat who sold his soul to the 'Gay' Lobby – Barack Obama – God is definitely NOT in the mix when it comes to recasting 'marriage' to accommodate sexual perversion.”

“So have a great Thanksgiving …,” LaBarbera concluded.