A lesbian couple on Wednesday made history as the first to marry under Illinois' new law legalizing gay marriage.

The women married in a short ceremony inside the Chicago high-rise apartment they share, the AP reported.

Governor Pat Quinn last week signed the measure which doesn't go into effect until June 1.

However, a judge on Monday ordered Cook County Clerk David Orr to issue Vernita Gray, 64, and Patricia Ewert, 65, an expedited marriage license because Gray is battling a diagnosis of terminal cancer.

The couple exchanged vows before more than 20 friends and family.

“So happy, so incredibly happy,” Ewert told the AP. “We feel so blessed to have this honor bestowed upon us. I love my partner, my wife now, more every single day.”

Gray, a retired victim's advocate with the Cook County state's attorney's office, and Ewert were among the first couples to enter a civil union in 2011.

Lawmakers are expected to consider legislation in January that would allow the marriage law to take effect in February and Governor Quinn has pledged his signature.