Anti-gay marriage activist Robert Oscar Lopez on Tuesday claimed that allowing gay and lesbian couples to marry leads to human trafficking.

Lopez, who is celebrated among social conservatives due to the fact that he was raised briefly in a same-sex household and claims he was damaged by the experience, appeared on Sandy Rios in The Morning to criticize passage of a marriage law in Hawaii.

“Look [at] what they did in Hawaii, that's a state where over sixty percent of the population is Asian-American; they're the people who came from South Korea, from Japan, from the Philippines, countries that have a very, very controversial history with adoption,” Lopez said, according to an account from Right Wing Watch. “And the predominantly white Human Rights Campaign went to Hawaii and ripped apart that state, you heard the testimony, they took a state and they just ripped at their heart.”

Lopez explained that married gay couples “end up buying children overseas,” which “echoes what happened in the past with the world wars in Korea and Vietnam where children were bought and sold because of couples that maybe thought they were doing the right thing but sometimes were also collaborating with human trafficking.”