A documentary about the life of transgender porn pioneer Buck Angel arrives on DVD December 3.

Director Dan Hunt shot Mr. Angel over six years. The film premiered during Austin's SXSW Film Festival in March.

Buck survived addiction, homelessness, a suicide attempt and opposition to his gender expression to become an unlikely hero. (The film's trailer is embedded on this page. Visit our video library for more videos.)

In an interview with Out's Michael Musto, Buck said that his decision to not have penis surgery has proved controversial.

“I once received an email from someone who asked me if I would ever get the penis surgery. I said, 'No, because I am so comfortable now and I do not feel the need,'” Buck said.

“I then decided to post a photo of a trans man's surgery and stated that I did not like the way these penises looked or functioned. I got myself into trouble for doing that and now I understand that I should have never disrespected someone's choice to have the surgery. I publicly apologized to the community and to the person whose photo I posted. [It was only of the penis, not of the face.] But to this day, I still am called a penis hater and transphobic. One thing with the community is, when you become a more public figure, some people love you and some will find any excuse to bash you. It's such a shame because it hurts our communities more than they realize.”

Today, Buck shares his message of empowerment as an activist and educator.